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Recuperamos el 100% del IVA de los gastos de representación con el servicio DevoluIVA Direct

Unlimited and free number of licenses for our app: Scanning of documents with AEAT certificate, automatic generation of expense notes, merchant search by geolocation, fraud control in expense notes, reconciliation of expenses in payments with a corporate card , etc.

+400,000 businesses affiliated to the DevoluIVA network, where you will automatically obtain electronic invoices for your expenses (taxis, parkings, restaurants, gas stations, tolls, owners' associations, etc.).

We do not work with auto-invoice, we only work with electronic invoice.

We have a connector with all the note management software

Private web portal for managing electronic invoices, tickets, listings

Exclusive assignment of two merchant affiliation technicians.

Assignment of 1 Project Manager to guarantee the success of your project.

Custom integration with the client's ERP.

We take care of the image of your company

At DevoluIVA we do not claim invoices so as not to damage the image of your company, but we work to affiliate businesses where your employees make their expenses to be able to issue the invoices electronic on your behalf.

We reject aggressive invoice claim measures that damage the image of companies and end up in threats, crossings of burofax, intervention of lawyers and tax complaints for bullying.

Recover the VAT of the last 4 years

You have an app and a private web portal, both free, where you can view and manage all tickets in real time digitized and electronic invoices issued, view statistics, consult and export different types of listings, download invoices issued electronic, etc.

Assignment of 1 Project Manager to guarantee the success of your project.

Assignment of 2 affiliation technicians to attract all establishments from outside the DevoluIVA network, in which your employees have incurred expenses.

International VAT recovery

Recuperación de IVA Internacional

All you have to do is to take a picture of your tickets/invoices with the DevoluIVA app and we will take care of recovering your VAT on representation expenditures made on your international trips.

You can save up to 25% on your professional trips abroad!

  • We operate in more than 100 countries
  • You will not have to carry out any administrative procedure
  • You only pay for the VAT you recover

Our technological solutions allow us to manage the procedures in each country, avoiding the enormous administrative complexity involved in claiming international VAT.

Drag the pointer to see the applicable taxes in each country

Adapted to SII

You will receive all the necessary information to complete the IBS.
Included in the service at no additional cost.

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