Awards Voxel
Awards Voxel

PIMEC Award for the most competitive SME in Catalonia 2018

Awarded by PIMEC

Awards Voxel

SME of the Year Award 2018

Awarded by Banco Santander and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Awards Voxel

Finalists Digital Talent Award 2018

Awarded by Accenture Strategy, the Economist and the HR Observatory

Some our customers

Manual handling of paper tickets is over!

Your customers only have to take a photo of their tickets with the DevoluIVA app and it will digitize them, with the AEAT certificate, and keep them in our digital repository for 4 years, so you no longer have to file -nor save them, on paper. Expense information will be digitized and you will be saved from entering the details of each ticket by hand.

Recupera el 100% del IVA de tus gastos deducibles
Gestiona les teves despeses i factures de forma integral

Your customers will recover more VAT

Our system will automatically issue electronic invoices for all consumptions made at any business on our network (more than 100,000 restaurants, car parks and taxis in Spain) so that your customers can deduct VAT from these expenses. They will no longer have to waste time claiming invoices! In addition, they will also be able to digitize all invoices for your corporate expenses, ready to be accounted for.

Save time by accounting for expenses

Finally, you can export an Excel file with all the information of the digitized tickets and electronic invoices, so that you can import it into your accounting program. Automating the management and accounting of your clients' representation expenses will allow you to increase the productivity of your consultancy service or business consultancy.

Ahorra costes al reducir tiempo de gestión

All are advantages with DevoluIVA

The DevoluIVA app will be customized with your logo so that your customers perceive it as a value-added service offered by your company.

Your customers won't lose any more tickets or invoices and will be able to deduct more expenses.

You will save time in sorting tickets and accounting them.

You won't need to store any more tickets or paper invoices.

Your customers will improve their liquidity as they will recover more deductible VAT.

All the information of the expenses and invoices of your clients will be at your disposal in a portal where you will be the administrator.

Your customers will only pay an annual subscription of € 59 / year per user. Enter now to find more about it and you may even get a discount for your customers!

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