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Thousands of restaurants, taxis, petrol stations and car parks already have DevoluIVA.

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Awards Voxel
Awards Voxel

PIMEC Award for the most competitive SME in Catalonia 2018

Awarded by PIMEC

Awards Voxel

SME of the Year Award 2018

Awarded by Banco Santander and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Awards Voxel

Finalists Digital Talent Award 2018

Awarded by Accenture Strategy, the Economist and the HR Observatory

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DevoluIVA service to those business in the network

The cash tickets you give to your customers do not allow them to deduct the VAT, as it is essential to have an invoice for the professional expenses.

With DevoluIVA, you won't have to waste time manually invoicing your professional customers. The service issues electronic invoices automatically when you charge the DevoluIVA service users for their consumptions.

We take care of our businesses

At DevoluIVA we do not claim invoices so our customer’s image doesn’t get harmed nor we disturb the owners of restaurants, taxis, car parks and petrol stations.

We work to ensure that customers and businesses in the network enjoy a quality service and that both parties benefit from the automation of electronic invoice generation.

We refuse aggressive invoice claim measures that damage the image of companies and that end in threats, crossing of bureau fax, the intervention of lawyers and tax complaints for harassment.

We only work to offer the best service, both to our users and to our business.


Will your taxi be chosen by professionals?

They need an invoice for your service and you can make it, so they will not miss their flight, arrive late to a meeting and at no cost to you. Just sign up for our service for free and we'll do the rest.

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Because your restaurant offers something more

The DevoluIVA service is an added value that allows your professional customers to have an invoice for their consumption automatically, conveniently, without waiting and without papers.

Sign up your restaurant at no cost.

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Help your customers recover VAT on fuel

You know your business customers consume a lot of fuel and need an invoice to deduct taxes. Sign up for DevoluIVA and issue invoices automatically without writing a single line, at no cost, just by charging your customer. More than 70% of service stations in Spain have already done so.

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A quality car park for demanding customers

You know your professional clients don’t have a minute to waste. They need a quality and agile service that allows them to continue with their activity in the shortest possible time. Allow your customers to automatically get your service invoice just by charging them for their consumption.

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How does the service work for a business?

It’s as simple as signing up and forgetting about invoicing your professional clients. You will automatically receive all invoices from all your business .

Step 1

Sign up here for free, you don't need to do anything else.

Step 2

Charge your customers as you normally do and it will be the bank or the customer who will send us the details of the transaction online.

Step 3

Receive the electronic invoice on your private DevoluIVA web portal. Your customer will receive it too.

More than 100,000 affiliated businesses, including restaurants, taxis, petrol stations, car parks ...

Features for the DevoluIVA service

check Totally free
check Unlimited issuance of electronic invoices.
check No installation nor technical, accounting or tax adaptation.
check Free registration to DevoluIVA's business search engine on the website and App, where thousands of customers will find you, make reservations, enjoy promotions, etc.
check Save time by not having to issue invoices manually.
check Private management web portal where you can access issued invoices and reports.
check Customer consumption statistics.
check Digital repository of invoices for 4 years.
check Integration with Contaplus and other accounting software.
check Export invoices to Excel and other formats.

We have the support and trust from the experts: