The app to automatically recover VAT from your business expenses.

With the DevoluIVA app, you can locate thousands of restaurants, taxis, petrol stations and car parks affiliated to the DevoluIVA network and automatically receive electronic invoices for your professional expenses.

Find the ideal restaurant

The DevoluIVA app locates the restaurants closest to your location or in the areas you specify. You can choose from thousands of restaurants and book them with a discount.

Order your taxi and forget about the invoice

Request your taxis through the app and when you pay, you will automatically receive electronic invoices for your expenses. Taxi stations in major cities are already working with DevoluIVA.

Locate parking lots and petrol stations instantly

The DevoluIVA app locates you and shows you how to get to car parks and petrol stations on the DevoluIVA network closest to your location.

Manage your expenses and invoices comprehensively

Access to statistics and diagrams by type of expense

Control of your professional expenses and those of your employees

Your invoices will be stored for 4 years

Find out the VAT you can deduct and get graphs of your expenses

If you are already a customer,
start enjoying the DevoluIVA app today

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